Bonus Episode – Pandemic Pod

For this special bonus episode of the Maximum Power Up podcast, we have an almost full house* as the team gather to keep each other sane during Lockdown 2020.

What games do the team reach for in times of trouble? What games will they play over the coming weeks as they’re “staying home” like responsible adults? What tips do they have for you, the listener, to help you get through this time? Does Paul even like videogames? Find out the answers to all this and more, in the Pandemic Pod.

As ever, if you like the episode or have any feedback, we’d love it if you’d hit us up on the socials and leave reviews. However, self-care is more important. Look after yourselves and each other first. We’ll be okay.

*Jake and Tommy would have made it if kayjoon had his act together and invited them in time. Although editing six people was hard enough.

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