Episode 19: id Software

Without a shadow of a doubt, id Software has cemented itself as one of the world’s premier developers when it comes to first person shooters. The Doom series revitalised the genre and the legacy of that series in particular needs little in the way of an introduction. But what of the other titles in the id Software library?

In this episode of Maximum Power Up, self-confessed id Software junkies Phil and Tom take a look at the post-Wolfenstein shooters from id; and take a trip into the Lovecraftian dankness of Quake, before moving on to the post-apocalyptic nightmare landscape of Rage and finally the iconic demonic world of Doom.

Your hosts are well known for straying from the hymn sheet, so expect deviations into the world of occult imagery, hidden messages and the unholy amalgamation of human flesh and antiquated mechanical technology as they venture into the very depths of hell itself. This is Maximum Power Up episode 19 – pack your shotgun and your health pack and get ready to kick some demonic butt!

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