Episode 30: SEGA Saturn Part 2

The SEGA Saturn needs little introduction. The controversy surrounding its launch not only took the media by surprise but also alienated a large amount of retailers. In short the launch was a disaster and coupled with the fact that the Sony Playstation was about to be released which boasted state of the art 3D visuals, the Saturn, even though it was a 2D powerhouse, was on the blckfoot from the get go. However even with the consoles glaring short comings it has gone on to be a much loved system of the retro gaming community.

In this latest episode Phil & Chris have a look at the what makes the SEGA Saturn a must own for many gamers. How despite a lacklustre PAL library (Europeans alway get the short end of the stick) a step into the world of imports opens this console up to one of the most varied and hi quality libraries that any system has boasted. (As long as you don’t want 3D visuals)

As well as this we discuss what we’ve been playing and buying as well as giving our thoughts on a few recent gaming announcements.

Music tracks featured are:

Panzer Dragoon – Flight
Burning Rangers – Theme (Japanese Version)

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