Episode 31: The RPG Adventure

In our latest episode Paul and Chris are joined by Kincl from Hyperplay RPG fanzine and Julian Hill from Boxed Pixels as they sit down to discuss the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre. During their adventure the explore a few of their favourite games, what makes a great RPG, early memories of getting into the genre and more.

Some classic games such as Final Fantasy 6, Dungeon Master, Chrono Trigger are mentioned as well as more recent titles such as Mass Effect 2, Fallout 4 and more.

Even though RPGs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea we hope you find something you like as the whole RPG genre has quite a few types of games.

You can check out the amazing fanzine Hyperplay RPG by Kincl and his team here: www.hyperplayrpg.com and on Twitter @HyperPlayRPG

Also check out Julian’s website Boxed Pixels here for loads of his views and reviews: www.boxedpixels.co.uk and on Twitter @JulianHillUK

Music tracks featured are:

Shadow Run – Grundge Joint
Mass Effect 2 – The Illusive Man
Chrono Trigger – Memories of Green

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