Episode 34: Nintendo Wii U

On the face of it with the Wii U Nintendo’s first steps in to the HD generation of gaming have faltered to say the least. Sales haven’t exactly been stellar for Nintendo’s latest home console. But those that have taken the plunge have had the privilege of playing some of the finest games of this current generation.

In this latest episode of Maximum Power Up, hosts Phil, Jake and Amy get together to show the Nintendo Wii U, a criminally undervalued system, some much needed love & try and convince those who may have dismissed the system a second look before the NX arrives.

Many have been put off by the Gamepad, which initially confused consumers on what it actually was. Many thought that it was a new controller for the Wii instead of actually being a brand new system. However for many games that have used the Gamepad, it is one of the best peripherals that have been released for any system, opening up so many avenues for creative ways to interact with many of the games aiding to give the titles a much more immersive experience.

Arguably the Wii U has the very best of exclusive titles available on any system today. We discuss some of these fantastic games available that make this console a must own for anyone who appreciates well creative and well crafted gaming experiences.

Music tracks featured are:

Star Fox Zero – Main Menu
Bayonetta 2 – Moon River (Climax Mix)

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