Episode 35: Arcade Favourites

Welcome to the latest episode of Maximum Power Up podcast. In this episode Paul and Phil sit down to discuss some of their favourite arcade games growing up.

The arcade was always seen as a gaming paradise for gamers in the 80’s & 90’s full of games you wanted to play at home. Although many arcade favourites got home ports they were often nowhere near as good as the arcade version.

So, we hope you enjoy or agree with our choices and even if you don’t please tell us why.

Also if you want to experience a great venue full of arcade and pinball machines check out Arcade Club in Bury www.arcadeclub.co.uk 

Music tracks featured are:

Night Slashers – Beat of Darkness
Kingdom Grand Prix – Roll Back
DoDonPachi – Stage 1 & 4

Also a massive thanks as always to Retro Collect, check out their website for all the latest retrogaming news.

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