Episode 38: Tomb Raider Suite

In this latest episode Paul sits down with Nathan McCree, composer of the iconic Tomb Raider games for the Sony PlayStation.

We look back on his career in the games industry starting at CORE Design in the early 90’s working on Chuck Rock 2 and other titles before Tomb Raider. Nathan discusses the style of music he had in mind for the game and how these ideas progressed over the original trilogy for PS1. As well as this we chat about game music soundtracks and their growing popularity.

Since working in the score for Tomb Raider, Nathan has always dreamed seeing the soundtrack played by a live orchestra. On December 18th 2016 he gets his wish in London. If the show is a success then the show will be taken to other major cities around the world.

It was a pleasure talking to Nathan and really hope that as many people as possible get to check out his upcoming show.

For more information about the event and tickets CLICK HERE

Music tracks featured are:

Tomb Raider – The T-Rex
Tomb Raider – Vertigo

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