Episode 45: Konami 16-Bit Era

During the 16 bit era, Konami are one software developer/publisher that leads the pack across all platforms. With outstanding output on both arcades and home consoles, Konami further built upon the glowing reputation the brand had established during the Famicom/NES lifespan.

The publishers roster of games included well established titles from their back catalogue with Gradius and Castlevania as well as investing in new IP with the likes of Axelay and Boktai, they also enjoyed success with licensed titles such as Animaniacs & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it seemed thet Konami could do no wrong

It can be argued that Konami were at their peak during the 16 bit period, but do the games stand the test of time? Join messrs Chris, Jake and Phil as they bask in the glory of ‘arcade perfect’ conversions and off-beat, original titles in this homage to one gamings most prolific publishers, Konami.

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Music tracks featured are:

Castlevania X – Rondo of Blood – Opposing Bloodlines

Cybernator – In Despair

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