Episode 46: Super Nintendo Part 1

The Super Nintendo has always been a favourite machine for a lot of gamers over the years and for most retro gaming collectors it’s THE machine to collect for.

With an amazing libary of games Nintendo made sure every genre was catered for which led to loads of must own titles. Well known series such as Mario, Metroid,  Castlevania and more were updated for Nintendo’s 16bit powerhouse.

Nintendo would show off the amazing Super FX chip graphics and Mode 7 that the SNES was capable of.

As well as this, much loved company Rare, would amaze fans with the fantastic looking Donkey Kong Country which took the machine to another level.

In this episode Paul is joined by fellow Super Nintendo fans Julian from the team and Alex Crowley AKA Nintendo Arcade. The guys discuss a few of their favourite games as well as chat about their early Super Nintendo memories. Also don’t be surprised if a certain magazine gets a mention…..

As well as this Paul speaks to Sam Dyer from Bitmap Books about his upcoming Super Nintendo Visual Compendium Kickstarter which starts on Monday 10th April 2017.

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Music tracks featured are:

Ninja Warriors – Opening

Chrono Trigger – Undersea Palace

Super Turrican – Credits

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