Episode 50: All Time Top 50 Games Part 1

What are your favourite games ever? Not an easy question – even more difficult when you can only choose 5! A couple of months ago we asked our listeners to help us choose the Maximum Power Up Top 50 games.

Choosing games from any decade, any genre and any platform. Alongside votes from our hosts there were over 450 games voted for! Some usual suspects were in there but also a few games that none of the team had played. From early arcade games going upto the Nintendo Switch the mixture was very varied. One of the main things we wanted from starting the podcast was so we can cover new and old games and we feel that this list reflects that.

The final list of 50 has been split into 2 shows each covering 25 games. The list hasn’t been numbered as some titles got the same number of votes also we all know how many arguements numbered lists can cause! So sit back and see what part 1 brings, let us know what you think of the games voted for – we know not everyone can be happy but we hope some of your favourites made it.

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