Episode 52: Bargain Hunt

As mentioned many times on the show the price of retro games is always increasing. With collector’s buying up more games there is always going to be less in the wild, on ebay etc and anything that does appear usually costs more than the month previously.

However if you take a look at the last couple of generations there are still a lot of bargains to be found. The original Xbox and PS2 have some very nicely priced games however as the years plod on seeing these in the wild is becoming more limited. If you look at Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 though there are LOADS of bargains to be found and not just sports titles!

In this episode Paul, Phil and Jake go bargain hunting for PS3 or Xbox 360 games. The rules were to find 5 games for less than £15, and get the 5 for the least amount of cash spent. Sports, singing, dancing and yearly update games weren’t allowed to be chosen. We chose CEX as a price guide as most towns have one so you the listener can also get involved.

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