Episode 64: Listeners Choice – Commodore 64

In this episode we start a new series of Listener Top 10’s. First up is the 8bit powerhouse the Commodore 64. The C64 lasted for around a decade from it’s very strong start in the home computer market facing off against the Spectrum and Amstrad 464. Known for it’s amazing SID chip the C64 soon gathered a massive fan base for the music heard coming from it but luckily there were many great games to go alongside that

We asked our listeners to tell us five of their fave C64 games so we could count the votes to make up our first listener top 10. It was then our job to play the games so we could give our honest opinions on them good or bad. In this episode we are joined by Daz from Retro Domination and Arcade Perfect podcasts to help us discuss the list. Hopefully you enjoy what is discussed and please let us know your thoughts on the show

As well as this Paul interviewed Neil Grayson, editor of the Commodore Format Archive website. This site is the go to place for scans of Commodore Format, interviews with the writers and more. Paul and Neil have a good chat for about an hour about his experience with the website and the C64. You can find his website here

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