Episode 66: Paul ‘Mr. Biffo’ Rose Interview

For gaming fans of a certain age group Digitiser on Teletext was the must visit pages. Running from 1993 to 2003 Digitiser had a mixture of news, reviews, cheats and more alongside a crazy sense of humour and cast of characters.

The man behind so much of Digitiser was Paul Rose AKA Mr. Biffo As a gamer himself Paul wanted to make sure that other gaming fans had something to read which knew how big the games industry was.

Covering Sega, Nintendo and more (Amiga coverage was minimal but more about that in the podcast!) the pages featured the latest games news, reviews and cheats.

In this episode Paul speaks about his time writing Digitiser and the ups and downs that came with it. He also discusses his writing career for Edge, Retro Gamer and more. We also discuss his Mr Biffo’s Found Footage show that was released late last year and his comedy influences. Finally we talk about the currant Kickstarter for Digitiser The Show which is going really well. For more information and to back it check out the link here

Also Paul will be at Revival 2018 in Walsall in May for a Q&A, you can find all details here

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