Episode 67: Nick Clarkson Interview

This episode has Paul interviewing ex games journalist and current PR/Marketing Manager Nick Clarkson. With a career in the games industry spanning over 30 years Nick has seen many changes.

Starting work on popular Atari ST mag ST Action as editor Nick spent several years writing for magazines including weekly games mag Games X and GB Action for the Nintendo Gameboy. With Games X covering the Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, Super Nintendo, Megadrive and more he gives his thoughts on the industry back then as well as not being too happy getting the GB Action editor role.

After several years working for Europress he moved into a different area of the games industry as PR/Marketing manager for Gremlin Graphics in Sheffield. Following on from Gremlin he later spent time at Ocean up until the company was bought out and folded but also spent time at Rage and THQ.

Currently Nick works for Merge Games who have released a lot of indie games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PS Vita and PC. They also are known for their limited edition Signature Edition releases for any fans of getting games with some great extras.

In this interview Nick gives some fantastic insight to the games industry. From magazine screenshot techniques, dressing up as Zool, companies ending, seeing David Beckham in his boxers and so much more.

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