Episode 71: Jonathan Beales Interview

In this episode Paul chats to Jonathan Beales who has worked within the games industry for over 30 years. Jonathan started his career back in the 80’s working on Popular Computing Weekly and ACE magazines before moving on in 1989 to begin working in games and video promotion.

Jonathan has worked for Gremlin, Sony and many more well known names in the games industry. We discuss his time working with Sony and HMV helping promote Sony’s first games event to promote their products. We also cover making an advert for Games X magazine, working on the launch for 3DO, Tomb Raider 2 and more.

Following the release of his Call of Duty documentary aptly titled ‘CODumentary’, Jonathan is about to launch his new documentary, Retro Gaming The Movie later this year. This sounds like it will be a must buy as it is full of gaming footage from the time in it’s original form. See the likes of Gazza, Pat Sharp and others promoting games from the early 90’s for the Amiga, Mega Drive etc. Jonathan shares a few other reasons to why this documentary will stand out from others.

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