Episode 73: Steve Merrett Interview

For gamers in the 80’s & 90’s magazines such as Nintendo Magazine System, Mean Machines Sega, Amiga Action, MegaTech, CU Amiga were all well loved titles. Our latest podcast guest Steve Merrett worked on all of these and more.

Starting his career in the late 80’s for Hugh Gollner on ST Action this started his 30 year plus career. From here Steve moved onto the newly launched Amiga Action before leaving Gollner to start a major part of his career at EMAP.

Over several years he went to work on CU Amiga, Nintendo Magazine System, Mean Machines Sega, Playstation Power and more. We discuss the ups and downs of his time at EMAP, which magazines he enjoyed working on and which he didn’t. We also discuss the short lived Mean Machines Playstation.

Currently working for Konami in PR Steve tells us about some of his experiences on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill 2 and many more.

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