Episode 78: Neil West interview

In this episode we speak to another well known journalist from the 90’s. Neil West was known for his work on much loved Sega magazines Sega Power and MEGA. At the time the 16 bit Sega vs Nintendo war was heating up and there were many great games for the Sega Megadrive. We discuss how EA were so important for Sega with many hit games for the system.

As well as working on Sega magazines Neil talks about his freelance work on other titles from Future Publishing before leaving the UK to launch a new sister publication to Edge, Next Generation magazine. This was a perfect chance to write about the new and exciting games for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn etc. Neil shares some of his experiences from the US and what was different from the UK. 

The last UK magazine that Neil worked on was the short lived but much loved Arcade. A new flagship multi-format games mag from Future covered the PlayStation, Dreamcast and more as well as covering the arcades themselves.

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