Episode 80: Geoff Glendenning Interview

The Sony PlayStation is one of the most successful consoles and brands that we as gamers have seen. We spoke to Geoff Glendenning who was Head Of Marketing for the PlayStation as he shares some of his memories. Geoff had worked in advertising previously and did work for Commodore and Acclaim before his big move to Sony.

We talk about his thinking behind putting the PlayStation into Ministry Of Sound, sponsoring dance music events and much more to help the brand grow. Some great games such as Crash Bandicoot and Wipeout are covered including Geoff’s trip to America to help make a video for Crash. After leaving Sony Geoff went onto do work for Sega, Microsoft, Activision and more.

This episode is a great 2 hour chat which shows a different viewpoint into the inner workings of the games industry and we hope you enjoy it.

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