Episode 88: Microsoft Xbox

In November 2001 Microsoft released their first console into a market that was changing. Sega’s Dreamcast had failed so they left the market. However Microsoft knew how to make an entrance! From the off they set out to do things differently.

With a several must own exclusive games, a built in hard drive, some amazing arcade style games from Sega of all people and more, gamers had to take notice.

In this episode Paul, Tom and Chris Smith Mk2 discuss their early memories of the machine, what led to them buying the console, which games they feel should be played and more.

Going up against the Nintendo Gamecube and Sony Playstation 2 was a bold move for the Xbox but with games such as Halo, Fable, House Of The Dead 3, Project Gotham Racing etc  there was plenty for all gamers to get excited about. We hope by the end of this episode you agree.

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