Bonus Episode – Games That Weren’t

In this episode we welcome Frank Gasking and Sam Dyer. Both of them have been working on a new upcoming book for long standing website, Games That Weren’t.

GTW was started by Frank 20 years ago and focuses on the many unreleased games and systems from over the years. Frank has spoken to numerous game developers about working on the games and has also shared many things related to various titles on the website. In the interview we discuss game preservation, his gaming history and more.

The upcoming GTW book is discussed with Sam and Frank. The book covers the years 1975-2015 in gaming and looks at some of the many unreleased games for arcade, home computers and more. Coming in at over 600 pages, over 80 games are covered with pictures, interviews and more there is a lot to get through.

Out in August you can visit Bitmap Books and preorder the book here

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