Episode 104: Chris Scullion Interview

In this episode Paul chats to games writer and huge Nintendo fan, Chris Scullion.

Chris started his career writing about games for Future’s Official Nintendo Magazine in 2006. We discuss his early experiences working on the official Nintendo mag just as the Gamecube was making way for the Wii. The Wii was one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles and he shares some great stories from games events, reviews and much more.

As well as this Chris worked on N Gamer website before moving onto the legendary CVG in it’s online form. However his days at CVG weren’t all sunshine and rainbows as he gives some honest thoughts on how it all ended for that website.

Finally we discuss some of his most memorable games from over the years and his work on the NES and SNES encyclopedias.

We hope you enjoy the show and thanks to Chris for his time.

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